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Meet our Coaches

We have an elite team of coaches dedicated to helping you achieve your goal. Whether that goal is as simple as learning to speed skate, beating your last time trial, or making it all the way to the Olympics, our coaches will help you along the way. Meet the faces behind the team:

Nancy Swider-Peltz Sr.

Nancy is a charter member of our club and currently coaches our advanced skaters. She was a four-time Olympian (1976, 1980, 1984, and 1988) and now coaches skaters on a national level. She has coached Olympians Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr. and Brian Hansen, among others.

Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr.

Nancy Jr is our beginners coach and a 2010 Olympian, daughter of head coach Nancy Sr. Though Nancy Jr made the Olympic team, she did not start skating till she was 13. Nancy Jr did competitive swimming, baseball, and golf among the sports she tried before she chose to follow her mom's path. One of her highlight moments of her skating career was her first Olympic trial in 2002, when she was scheduled to race against Nancy Sr.

Gary Martin

Gary has skated for fun for years but started training and competing in 2008. He has been to many training camps around the country and is a U.S. Speedskating certified level 2 coach. He uses video feedback for skaters and can work with participants of all ages. Gary coached soccer for 14 years while his sons were playing in Park Ridge and enjoys biking in the forest preserves with his wife. When he is not skating he takes care of patients and teaches at Northwestern University Medical School where he also serves as Vice Chairman for Faculty Affairs for the Department of Medicine.

Jeffrey Swider-Peltz

Jeffrey Swider-Peltz was a US Speedskating World Team Member from 2014-2018 with success as a multiple-race US Champion in 2016 achieving 8th in the 2015 World Championships. Jeffrey grew up playing many sports including tennis, baseball, and football for his dad at Wheaton College. Jeffrey graduated from Wheaton with a BA in Studio Art, and believes in the incredible power of CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION to achieve the limits of one’s talent and be personally successful.

Nancy Sr. and Nancy Jr. on the ice
Nancy Sr. coaching PRSSC
Meet the Team
Gary Martin
111 M Personal Best:
13.01 seconds
Jeffery Peltz
111 M Personal Best:
9.8 seconds
John Redell
111 M Personal Best:
16.9 seconds
Johnny Austin
111 M Personal Best:
14.8 seconds
Kevin Bobb
111 M Personal Best:
12.73 seconds
Liam Biedenbender
111 M Personal Best:
18.7 seconds
Luke Bobb
111 M Personal Best:
14.9 seconds
Max Mountainbear
111 M Personal Best:
30.8 seconds
Nina Nadaska
111 M Personal Best:
12.99 seconds
Sophia Goetz
111 M Personal Best:
15.26 seconds
Stephanie Goetz
111 M Personal Best:
16.2 seconds
Vivienne Sadleir
111 M Personal Best:
14.3 seconds