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Frequently asked questions

Who can skate?

Anyone ages 5 and up! If you can figure skate or play hockey, we can teach you how to speedskate.

Where is your facility?

We skate at Oakton Ice Arena, which is located at 2800 West Oakton St. Park Ridge, IL.

How do I register?

You can register using the link below. Reach out to us with any questions!

Register Here

What type of equipment is needed for speedskating?

Speed skates have long, narrow, flat blades to promote strong, efficient pushing and fast gliding.  Short track skates have stiff boots to provide support for tight turns.  The blade is offset to the left and is slightly bent to provide better ice contact in turns.  We have some used short track skates available for beginning club members. Other equipment rentals are offered based on availability.

How long is the speedskating season?

We skate at Oakton Ice Arena in Park Ridge from mid-September through early March.

What days are practices on?

Our practices take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Can I skate in the summer?

Yes! We host summer skate in June and July so you can sharpen your skills in the off-season and have some fun.

What types of membership are required?

We require all Park Ridge Speedskating Club members to also have membership in U.S. Speedskating and the Amateur Skating Association of Illinois.