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Learn more about who we are and our history in the community.

PRSSC members compete in short track meets primarily in the Chicago area and long track meets in Milwaukee. Short track skating (an Olympic sport) takes place on a hockey rink.  A 111 meter track is marked and races range in length from 55 meters for our youngest skaters, up to 3000 meters (27 laps).  We host the Park Ridge Short Track Open in November and a novice meet during the season. Long track skating takes place on a 400 meter oval.  Distances range from 55 meters for young children, to 10,000 meters for national level racers.  Most long track meets are pack style, with multiple skaters competing.  At the national level, there are time-trial races, as seen during the Olympics. The Pettit Center in Milwaukee is the only long track facility near Chicago.
Park Ridge Speedskating is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and donations to thrive. We are currently seeking sponsorships to help us keep member costs down, and allow all people to experience the joy of speedskating. Learn more here >>


In 1968, Rich Widmark and Dick Wellbank formed the Park Ridge Speedskating Club. This fledgling club gave rise to Olympians Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr., David Santee, Bart Conner, Mark Greenwald, and Nancy Swider-Peltz, Jr.

Through the years, devoted club presidents and Olympian coaches Chuck Burke and Nancy Sr, with dedicated assistants, produced other World Team Skaters and National Champions.

Even more importantly, the club introduced hundreds more to the thrill of speedskating. We celebrate 50 years of skating excellence with the Park Ridge Speedskating Club as we look to inspire the next generation.

Nancy Swider-Peltz Sr. (1976, 1980, 1984, 1988)
David Santee (1976 – figure skating)
Bart Connor (1984 – gymnastics)
Mark Greenwald (1988)
Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr. (2010)
Bruce Conner (1973-1976)
Kirby Pascus (1976-1980)
Frank Filardi (1984-1987)
Tom Carter (1984)
Michelle Fang (1984)
Tamara Frederick (2012-2013)
Jeff Swider-Peltz Jr. (2014-2018)
​Ron Muck Sr. (1968-1971)
Harold Conner (1971-1972)
Neal Santee (1972-1973)
Raymond Henneman (1973-1974)
Dennis Swanson (1974-1976)
Gene Carter (1976-?)
Robert E. Miller (1980-?)
Dick Stuercke (1982-1985)
Mike Garafola (1985-1989)
Rebecca Sadlier (1989-1994)
Alex Kantzavelas (1994-1997)
Peter Block (1997-2009)
Bill Scholz (2009-2016)
Mike Olijnyk (2016-2021)
Kevin Bobb & Rudd Sadleir (2021-2023)
Rudd Sadleir (2023-Present)