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Times, fees, membership and other details:

We skate at Oakton Ice Arena in Park Ridge from mid-September through early March on Tuesdays & thursdays at Oakton Ice Arena in Park Ridge.
We also host Summer Skate in June and July. 

*Membership in U.S. Speedskating and the Amateur Skating Association of Illinois is REQUIRED of  all club members.

About Us


Speed skates have long, narrow, flat blades to promote strong, efficient pushing and fast gliding.  

Short track skates have stiff boots to provide support for tight turns.  The blade is offset to the left and is slightly bent to provide better ice contact in turns.  We have some used short track skates available for beginning club members. 

​We require the following safety equipment:  Helmet (bicycle), gloves, shin pads (soccer), knee pads, neck guard, long sleeves and close-fitting pants.  We place thick pads along the boards at every practice and meet. 


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The Park Ridge Speed Skating Club (PRSSC) was founded in 1968. Notable club members have included Nancy Swider-Peltz, Mark Greenwald, and Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr, all Olympians, as well as many other national team members like Frank Filardi, Tom Carter and Michelle Fang. We are an affiliate of the Park Ridge Park District.

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Our Club Officers:

Mike Olijnyk - President
Stephanie Kueppers  - Vice President
Stephanie Goetz - Treasurer

George Summerfield - Secretary 

About Speedskating

PRSSC members compete in short track meets primarily in the Chicago area and long track meets in Milwaukee. Short track skating (an Olympic sport) takes place on a hockey rink.  A 111 meter track is marked and races range in length from 55 meters for our youngest skaters, up to 3000 meters (27 laps).  We host the Park Ridge Short Track Open in November and two novice meets during the season. Long track skating takes place on a 400 meter oval.  Distances range from 55 meters for young children, to 10,000 meters for national level racers.  Most long track meets are pack style, with multiple skaters competing.  At the national level, there are time-trial races, as seen during the Olympics. The Pettit Center in Milwaukee is the only long track facility near Chicago.